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  • The Benefits of A Bilingual Child

    The Benefits of A Bilingual Child

    The benefits of a bilingual child are endless.  The greatest gift a parent can give is learning a new language and passing it on to their children. There are many benefits of a child being bilingual. The main advantage of a bilingual child is the many benefits they received from learning two languages or more. A bilingual child has been linked to numerous cognitive benefits. Research also has proven that bilingual brain has more task switching capacities.

    The Benefits of A Bilingual Child:

    • Personal Identity: Did you know the person’s first language is a critical part of identifying their personal, social, and cultural identity? Helping your child develop their native language will develop the child’s heritage and culture. Children should grow up understanding their heritage and embracing it.
    • Intellectual Growth: A bilingual child has a positive effect on intellectual growth. The bilingual child enriches mental development compared to monolingual child. Another benefit for bilingual person is having a developed working memory. Research has proven the use of two languages can decline Alzheimer’s disease.
    • Communicate: A child that is bilingual receives the benefits of communicating with a larger group of people. A bilingual child is more open to embracing other cultures and appreciating the differences. More than two thirds of the world’s population speaks more than one language.
    • Job Increase: A bilingual person has more job opportunities available for them. A person who is bilingual can expect to earn a higher salary between 5% to 25% more than the average person who is monolingual. Speaking another language is a great asset.
    • Student: The bilingual person will have a head start when it comes to college. Many college’s requirements are to take a second language course. As a new protocol, many medical colleges require students to take Spanish courses because of the growing Hispanic population.
    • Tolerance of Others: Being bilingual offer flexibility in communicating and tolerance of other cultures. A bilingual individual offers a better listening ear to others.


    These are the benefits of a child being bilingual. Arming your child with more than one language can be the best thing you can pass on to your child.  Learn how to master any foreign language in 6 months! 


    Image Credit [Tes.wallerid.schoolfunsion.us]


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