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    Personalized Children Books

    Kids like nothing better than being the center of attention and why stop at just giving them that? Why not have them be the center of an actual best selling children’s book? If you thought this would require you thinking up a really creative story, then finding a publisher to market the book and finally present it to your child, think again. With Put Me In The Story, you can take any one of the thousands of children’s books and add in your child’s name, spouse name and do as much personalization as you want including pictures and plot edits. The end result is a book that will feature your child and make him or her the central character or maybe the sidekick. Put Me In The Story - Bestselling Personalized Books for Kids

    Six Reasons For Personalized Children Books

    Reason One: Increases The Zeal To Read

    Kids like doing what they want. But to try and get one to read a book you actually need to get them interested enough. What better way to interest a child than to have them in the story? With personalized kids books when children hear their own name, imagine themselves in the story, they will automatically want to read the book and experience the feeling first hand.

    Reason Two: Personalized For Every Child

    Kids always have a special favorite story. It differs from child to child but one thing remains the same – their eagerness to hear the stories. With Put Me In The Story, the book becomes a highly configured read for a child. They will experience the story from within either by being a part of it or the narrator. Basically, kids get to feel the story as it happens rather than just imagine it.

    Reason Three: Brand New Ways To Connect

    Of the many Moms who have made their own best-personalized children book many actually appreciate the fact that their child feels special after reading from this book. It opens up new ways to connect with the characters, understand morals, the story and everything involved in it.

    Reason Four: It Is A Collectible Item

    Remember that no other book will have the child’s name in it. Quite naturally, it becomes a unique possession for the child, a sort of memory that will always stick with them through life. In short, it becomes a collector’s item with special meaning for a child.

    Reason Five: Helps Make A Difference

    Make a difference in a kid’s life. It need not be your own child. You can personalize a book for anyone and they will be ever grateful to you.

    Reason Six: Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

    Because with Put Me In The Story, you can add pictures and more to any bestselling children’s book, you can surprise a child by hiding a picture of theirs inside it. Nothing sparks astonishment as finding your own picture in a book that you probably have seen hundreds of times. If you want to get children re-interested in a story, what better way than to say that this book is a special edition made exclusively for you!

    Personalized Children Books For All

    Put Me In The Story - Bestselling Personalized Books Starring Your Child
    Put Me In The Story and its three-step approach online helps parents, brothers, sisters, teachers and others create something that will last forever in the minds of younglings. It is a gift that will encourage kids to read, remain in their heart and touch their soul, maybe even inspire them to great heights.

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