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    Belle Baby Carriers

    The Belle Baby Carrier – Safe And Comfortable

    Designed for simplicity and protection, the Belle Baby Carrier is certified by pediatricians all around the world and offers a comfortable and enjoyable means of carrying a baby. The shoulder with waist belt system helps transfer weight away from the shoulders to your hips thus keeping it comfortable for the parents too. By increasing the overall comfort, parents will naturally feel the desire to carry their infants much longer and more often.

    Belle Baby Carriers Front And Back

    What really makes the Belle baby carriers unique is its ability to keep the infant facing inwards or outwards smack against the chest. It doesn’t need any extra fabric in between and hence becomes an easy way to breastfeed too. The baby carriers front and back design actually provides support to the infant in a naturally healthy position letting it feel the warmth and heartbeat of the parent while it takes in a familiar scent. The end result is a happy infant with no worries in the world. When required it can also carry the infant facing outwards, also referred to as the kangaroo carry position. The benefits of carrying an infant in this manner have already been well documented and hence the Belle baby carriers automatically become the healthiest and safest way to carry an infant. Here are a few of the unique design elements of the Belle Carrier.

    • High end closed cell foam with crossover straps offers high comfort for child and parent.
    • Nylon webbing and buckles together help in strengthening the carrier (same stuff found on high end camping backpacks.)
    • Waist belt is independent and can be adjusted to help distribute weight across the hips rather than the shoulders.
    • Waist belt uses steel rings with a fail proof mechanism for assurance.
    • Both forward and backward sitting position is easy to handle thanks to its natural ergonomic design.  Leg area has light padding too.
    • Comes with a removable head support to help cradle-sleeping babies.

    Baby Carrier Reviews – What Parents And Doctors Say

    Parents feel an immediate release in stress on the shoulders and want to carry their infant for longer with the Belle baby carrier. Due to its innovative strap design that disperses weight evenly throughout the upper torso, parents don’t feel burden by the weight of an infant even when it reaches 12 months of age. Secondly, breastfeeding is convenient and no longer requires mothers to settle down and prepare for a messy affair. Simply turn the infant around and let it gather vital nourishments on the fly. Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.38.47 AM

    As for doctors, many have already properly documented the advantages of carrying infants rather than using a pram. In fact, the ability to wear them front facing or back facing is something that doctors fully appreciate because it let’s parents develop a stronger bond, helps infants feel safe and cozy while developing faster. Furthermore, baby carrier reviews from leading pediatricians also suggests the fact that these baby carriers front and back facing nature makes it safe for parents too. No more back pains, no nagging shoulder aches or drooping hips, even weight displacement allows a healthier life without compromising on mother/father-infant bonding time. To get your own Belle Baby Carriers, Shop Now!

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