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  • Kids Watch

    Kids Watch

    7 Years running, Kids Watch has been voted as the top parental control software in the market by numerous organizations. This parental controls suite is the easiest and fastest way to safeguard the interaction of your child with a computer and maximize the efficiency of the time they spend on it.

    No More Internet Dangers

    The Internet is an unsafe environment for impressionable minds. Adults at least have the opportunity and the wisdom to understand the difference between safe surfing and activities that jeopardizes one’s identity or innocence. Children on the other hand aren’t aware of the dangers and this is where parents need to be cautious. Kids Watch alerts parents immediately the moment they step away from safe surfing parameters, automatically alerting you via email. It can be a phrase they enter in a chat, a website they visit or just about anything they do on a computer. All inappropriate conversation related to child guns, drugs, sex, suicide and much more triggers such a response. The end result is kids stay safe from child predators, risky situations and other online dangers.

    Manage Computer Time For Higher Efficiency

    Set your own time limits or quotas and schedules for your kid’s computer and Internet. Give them restricted access to specific programs, block sites, and manage games and much more.

    Get 24/7 Usage Reports

    See what the computer has been used for. Observe chats on MySpace, AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN and other places. View history of your children’s visit, the games and programs they used and so on. Best of all, such information is available 24/7 and easy to access too.

    Added Layer Of Protection

    To protect children against phishing attacks, infected websites and malicious activities, Kids Watch brings in a complete internet protection suite. This particular feature is limited in the free parental control software but is available in the 30 days money back return guarantee signup.

    Block Websites

    You never know what sites children may end up visiting, either intentionally or unknowingly. Regardless, you can block inappropriate website content and prohibit access to unsafe and potential dangerous sites such as adult content, criminal related, gambling, pornography and more.

    Trial Edition To Start With

    Browse what they have to offer, select the features you want and get a free trial run before actually committing to a purchase. Their feature set is sure to overwhelm you and entice you into a full version but the free edition isn’t bad either, just a little limited in stuff you can and cannot do.

    The Verdict

    With its 30-day full refund assurance, a free parental control software access; Kids Watch is much more than just the best Parental controls solution. Preloaded with plenty of features and benefits it is a one stop solution to sleeping peacefully at night knowing that the dangers of the Internet are away from your loved one. You can get full control over the way your child accesses and uses the computer, Internet and all its wonders. Let them experience the glory of this technological feat rather than the bane it is also known for.

    Over 5 Million Copies Sold!

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