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    headshotMy name is Nancy Badillo and I am reaching out to help families grow and understand the importance of speaking two languages and the effect it has on children growing up in America through Spanglish Children. It is important for children to get a jumpstart on their education before kindergarten, especially Spanish-speaking families. While English is taught in American schools, Spanish speaking children should understand the differences between the two so that they can excel in school. Spanglish refers to the blend of Spanish and English, in the speech of people who speak parts of two languages, or whose normal language is different from that of the country where they live. Make sure to read the daily blog the all one stop resources for bilingual families.

    Many people have strong ideas about children who grow up with two or more languages in their families. The ideas people have influence how people interact with their children and how they look at other people’s children. Ideas such as these will also influence how professionals such as teachers, doctors, and speech therapists advise parents of children who grow up in a bilingual family. Unfortunately, many of the ideas that people have about children growing up with a second language in their home are not beneficial to these children; they may have adverse effects. It is important because of this to make sure these children can speak both languages fluently. This will ensure their success in school and throughout life as well.

    The language you speak in the first decade of life is such an important basis for the achievement of academic and social skills. It is definitely a good thing to reflect a little more on just what elements play an important role in language learning, whether it is one, or two. It is not possible to spell out all the many things that parents should consider when their child is in a situation where he or she could learn to speak more than one language. Studies have shown that teaching Spanish or any second language to children at an early age greatly improves their chances of achieving fluency and a native-like accent.  There is great benefit in having a different lens from which to view and experience the world. It is a wonderful and amazing gift for a child. In most cases, children having nothing to lose by learning a foreign language; but they have everything to gain.

    Bilingual children have social, cultural and economic opportunities available to them that would, in other instances not be available to them. For many families, speaking at least one language other than English at home is already happening. There are more than 51 million people in the U.S. alone who are living in multilingual homes. Just think about when bilingual children go to English-speaking schools and are expected to thrive in a primarily English-speaking community. How do families maintain a balance and help their children to grow and develop in more than one language? These are things that we as parents and other family members have to consider when raising our children. Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have about the site or services provided. Make sure to join our newsletter Spanglish Children community we are dedicated in helping families raising bilingual children and for bicultural families.

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